1. Like the Pain

From the recording The Nashville EP

Written By- Zach Pietrini
Produced By - Zach Pietrini
Engineered By - Brad Lee Curtis, Kyle White
Mixed By - Kyle White

Zach Pietrini
Guitar, Vocals, BGV's, Bass, Electric Guitar, Piano, Organ

Kyle White
Electric Guitar, Piano, Drums


Knock down, drag out
drawing it all out
like blood when the blade breaks skin

you used to believe
even troubles had meaning
but that line is razor thin

Drinking and trying
to forget you've been crying
But all thats left is the true

You kinda like the pain
Whatever it takes to feel something

Silence and stagnance
working your penance
knowing just what you intend
wrecking yourself
marching through hell
like theres just one way this ends

You kinda like the pain
the rush from the cuts
and the scars they leave

I wish that you knew that I loved you
and those words in your head are just lies
breaking down aint a weakness
but we all need help sometimes